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When women don’t name their rapists: “OMG I can’t believe you would put other women in danger! You’re letting him get away with it! You’re contributing to rape culture!”

When women name their rapists:
“OMG you know you’re seriously ruining this guy’s life, right? Are you absolutely sure it was rape? That’s libel!”

Educate women at all costs

My day of writing research has brought me here…

My day of writing research has brought me here…

my kids are never gonna ask me where i was during the alt lit dissolution…

content warning: rape / sexual assault.


many of you already know that earlier this week, my past collaborator, friend, and peer in the writing community, Stephen Tully Dierks, has been outted as a sexual predator/rapist: multiple women (sophia katz and tiffany wines, primarily) have bravely spoken up, and shared their experiences of his…

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My new Piece on Edward Champion's Misogyny and Crimes


oh snap….literature drama

I wouldn’t call it “drama” - that trivializes her experience and insinuates that she is causing trouble or “seeking attention” for coming forward with her allegations. What happened to Porochista Khakpour isn’t for our entertainment - it’s a serious crime, for which she filed charges. There’s nothing “dramatic” about it.

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